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The Way To You

In this short post we would like to give you a look into our shipping and packaging before you can hold your watch in your hands.


For us it is important that the raw materials we use are sustainably produced.


Our philosophy is that we produce nothing in large masses here. Each product, as well as each packaging is produced by hands and thats how it gets its unique design.


We get our boxes as raw materials (without printing) to control exactly which color is used. This cost us a lot of time and money, but sustainability and environmentally responsible behavior are the most important factors for us.


We therefore use only water-based paint that is environmentally friendly. Of course, our boxes are also made from recycled cardboard boxes.


We also pay close attention to the environmental friendliness of the packaging material and support the local farmers. Each of our watches is packed with straw to guarantee the maximum protection of your personal piece of nature. So you will really get 100% nature.


(If you are allergic to straw please let us know this in advance.) Our straw is stored separately from the watches and will never comes in contact with your watch)


With our packaging we want to fight against waste and find as many alternatives as possible that are recyclable.

Even when we close your package, we think sustainably and avoid plastic by using strong paper tape.


As soon as your parcel is ready for dispatch, it will be shipped with our logistics partner DHL as a premium parcel. We support the zero-emissions shipping by DHL with every package we send.

We hope you like this post and wish you a lot of fun with your new watch.

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